What Is In Contact Lenses

Two of the major types of contact lenses are corrective contact lenses and cosmetic contact lenses. Corrective lenses are made from soft polymers having 60 to 70 percent of water. Dry eyes contact lenses have very less or almost zero moisture which makes the contact lenses comfortable for dry eyes. RGP lenses are made of a special polymer that contains no moisture at all and is specifically used in making dry eyes contact lenses.

Many of the people are perplexed about the fact that what is in contact lenses? It is very important to know before purchasing the contact lenses that which type of material is used to make these lenses. In early days, the lenses were made from glass which caused pain and irritation in the eyes. Such contacts could not be worn as extensive wear and were supposed to be discarded after a trial period. Then there were hard contact lenses that had plastic in them. Although these lenses were better than glass but they did not allow oxygen to pass through them. Oxygen is very necessary for the eyes. Then in the late 19th century, rigid material contact lenses were introduced that were oxygen permeable. These polymers are called rigid gas permeable lenses polymers. They are non porous in nature and therefore cannot absorb any fumes or chemicals.

exotic eye contactsRigid lenses have been there for quite sometime but because of the increasing demand of new styles and comfort level of the consumers, soft polymer contacts were developed. Since there have not been many years since soft contact lenses have been around, many people are curious to know what is in these contact lenses that makes them so different and demanding in the market. First soft or hydrogel lenses provide a lot of comfort to the eyes and due to the sift material, one doesn’t get bothered or irritated by using these contacts. As far as the transparent contacts are concerned, well they are there just to put a glare in your eyes. Usually people with poor or unclear vision get these lenses powered up to be worn as a daily wear. Fake colored contact lenses and crazy vampire contact lenses contain some additional pigments and polymers that give them a completely different and fascinating look. The big eye contacts are manufactured in Korea and Japan and their celebrities have started a trend of these big eye contacts. These contacts contain pigment that makes the iris get colored into a different color and the intrinsic polymer makes the eyes look bigger and better.

The crazy contacts and Halloween contacts contain polymers that are cheap. Hence such lenses cannot be worn as an extensive wear and expire after a small trial period. The color pigments and paints in the contact lenses make them look beautiful in the eyes. There is a luminous material that is inside the glow in the dark contact lenses. It is a fairly new invention by Contact lenses manufacturers. However if you are not sure which pair to buy then you must order a free trial pair of contact lenses from any online store.


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