What Do You Do If You Lose A Contact Lens Behind Your Eye

Contact lenses are the new eye wear and more and more people are now using contact lenses for their eye sight problems. With the comfort and convenience they are providing, contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular. Millions of Americans are now sporting contact lenses instead of eyeglasses.

Contact lenses are no doubt infamous but many people are still not educated about how to wear them, how to care about them, and how to remove them safely. Contact lenses come in different types and each type has different rules of safety attached to it. In this article discussion has been focused on different types of contact lenses with their removal methods. Plus: What to do if you lose a contact lens behind your eye?

Soft contact lenses
Soft contact lenses are the thin, gel-like lenses which immediately get adjusted to the shape of the cornea when placed in the eye. Soft contact lenses, as the name suggests, are soft and easier to wear. They are comfortable and are kind to the eyes. Soft contact lenses are permeable too. The air can permeate through these lenses, making your eye able to breathe. Soft contact lenses are available for long-term or daily use as well as in different colors.

How to remove a soft contact lens
Removal of soft contact lenses is rather easy. Firstly, wash your hands properly with soap and water. Let them dry and then with the tip of the index finger gently touch the lens. The lens will stick to your finger. Pull the finger back and put the lens in its case. Do not forget to fill the case with fresh solution before putting the lens in it. Repeat the process for the other eye.
Rigid, gas-permeable contact lenses

soft contact lensThese contact lenses are made of glass or a specially modified polymer. These are called rigid because they cannot be folded and would break if tried to fold it. These lenses are gas-permeable and allow more oxygen to penetrate than the soft contact lenses. They are durable but not suitable for sporty activities.

How to remove a rigid contact lens
Never try to touch the rigid lens with your finger. You can remove the lens with the plunger your optician has provided you.
What would you do if you lose a lens behind your eye?
You do nothing! As it’s impossible that your lens has moved back in your head or went behind your eye. If you are not able to find it or see the lens then probably it has fallen. A thin but strong film called conjunctiva is covering our eye lids from inside and layers on itself to cover the white part of our eye. This thin film prevents everything to move behind your eye including the lens. If you cannot really see the lens on your eye then you can contact your optician who may look for it underneath your eyelid.

Which Contact Lenses are Most Comfortable?
Soft contact lenses are worn by most people who prefer lenses over glasses, but gas permeable lenses can be a more comfortable option for some wearers.

The #1 Contact Lens Mistake We All Make
32 million people in this country wear contact lenses, that’s about 12% of the population. Contacts have been around for years and aside from the occasional ‘getting them in/out’ learning curve they’re pretty easy to use, right?

Decorated Contact Lens Cases
Decorated Contact Lens Cases Offer a New Vision of CutenessHaving covered every square inch of their cell phones with faux gems, roses, tiny cakes and Hello Kitty faces, Japan’s legions of cute-obsessed girls are moving on to other.

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