Proclear Compatibles Contact Lenses

Proclear compatibles contact lens is the only lens that FDA approved of as being the lens that provides improved comfort for contact lens wearers who would usually experience mild discomfort or dryness with other lenses. Having this statement on its side, the proclear compatibles proved itself to be best contact lens that could provide moisture and comfort to regular users, for either a day, a week or even a month. A product of Cooper Vision the proclear lenses are made especially for people with visionary problems.

The reason why it has such exceptional comfort is simply because it is proclear contact lenses made out of the patented PC technology, which endorses a unique material containing molecules of phosphorylcholine that is naturally found in human cell membranes. Therefore when the lenses are worn, they attract and release water, which is then able to keep the eyes moist, soft and natural even after a whole day’s wear, something which not every lens can offer.

In order to be easily handled the Proclear contact lenses are tinted so that you can see it well, but it does not change your eye color, as the tint is a visibility tint and not a color tint. If you buy this lens from a real time retailer, the price could range at around $45, but if you purchase it online, it would cost you only for $27, for a box of six months lenses.

Acuvue, Proclear Vision Direct sells high quality contact lenses at discount prices. You’ll see the same brands that you find in a doctor’s office, including Acuvue, Focus, Proclear, Biomedics, Clearsight, and PureVision.  Proclear Multifocal Proclear Multifocal Contact lenses are worn to correct multi sight distance problems that occur due to old age. These lenses are made with effective lens. Proclear 1-Day Contact Lenses Proclear 1-day Compatibles contacts are made from a next generation, biocompatible soft contact lens material. They provide increased moisture retention and wearing comfort.

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