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Let us assume that you are attending a party and you have just about everything to look perfect but you still see that something is still missing. What could that be? Well when you look at your face, the most prominent feature of your face is a pair of eyes. All eyes are beautiful, some are pretty, some are bold, some are almond shaped and some are round. The natural eye color is determined genetically. Whereas if you want to enhance the look of your eyes and make them look glowing, then buying a pair of pretty eye contacts is the right choice for you.

There are many colors associated with pretty eye contacts. Green eye contact lenses, pink contact lenses, gray contact lenses, big eye contact lenses are some of the contacts that are quite popular among ladies for enhancing their look of eyes. The pretty eye contacts are usually worn for cosmetic purposes. If they are accompanied by an authentic and glowing eye makeup then your eyes would look more refreshing and elegant. Models and actresses came as ambassadors of these contacts and since then, they have come in the limelight. Some pretty eye contacts are so comfortable that they can be worn as a daily wear. They are tinted as well as centrally hollowed so that you can see out of them clearly.

fake colored contact lensPretty eye contacts can be purchased online over the internet and from many of the retail stores. However if you like many colors and want to try each one of them to see whether it will suit you or not, then you can order a non prescription free trial contact lens pair from any of the online stores. This will help you in choosing the right color for your eyes and you will get used to of handling contact lenses. When you order the pretty contacts, they are accompanied with a contact lens carrier and contact lens solution. If you see that the solution has high toxic elements or it is expired then it is recommended to kindly return it as per the policy of FDA. Only use eye products that have been approved by FDA since your eyes are quite sensitive to the external products. Nobody would want to catch an eye infection as it is highly hazardous for the eyes as well as for the brain.

daring colored eye contactsThe vibrant shades of pink and gray have given such a astonishing look to the celebrities that many ladies fell in love with the contact lenses that they wear. The manufacturing process of these lenses is the same as other contacts. However, there is no compromise on quality if you purchase the pretty eye contacts from authenticated dealers. They are most likely to come under your budget and make your eyes look wonderful during daylight and night time.

If you already have pretty green or gray eyes then you might want to try pretty shades of brown or try all black contacts which will add a different spice to your personality. It is always good to have a change in life and nothing could be more interesting than changing your eye color time to time. Since there is a huge variety in the color range of pretty contacts, so you can match almost all of your dresses with one pair of contact lenses each.

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The freaky eye contacts may be a good idea to make your friends scared of you but if you have little children or elderly people at home like your grandparents then you should avoid wearing such lenses.

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Ordering them directly from the doctor’s office wasn’t much more expensive than Costco, though, because my insurance qualified me for a 20% discount (only if I purchase through the doctor, though), and they were offering a pretty good rebate deal … Many years ago, I wore contacts all the time (napped in them on occasion, but never slept through the night in them). My eyes developed a contact-related problem so that’s when I switched to wearing glasses.

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