Pitch Black Mirrored Contact Lenses

A relatively new kind of contact lenses is pitched black mirror contact lenses. If you see Hollywood stars or the New York city punks, you would see them with these contacts on their eyes. The popularity has been increasing day by day and this has given rise to the increasing market of pitched black mirrored contact lenses. A prescription is very necessary in order to buy these lenses because they are manufactured with a different style and different material. These contacts are one of a kind and give a very scary impact to the eyes. They are just too fabulous to be worn with different costumes to give your eyes a wild and stunning look.

They are used in theatres most of the time for personifying scary characters. If they are supposed to play vampires, goblets, ghosts or incredible hulk then selecting black pitched contact lenses would be a great idea to go for it. Mirrored lenses have come in fashion recently and they just act like mirror. If they are worn in strong sunlight or in the floodlights of stadium, then they will reflect back the lights. This reflection makes the eyes look really scary and creates a mesmerizing impact on the audiences.

pitch black contact lensThe process of cleaning pitched black contact lenses is the same as the regular daily wear contact lenses. All you need is a certified and FDA approved contact lens solution that contains very less toxics which help in disinfecting the lenses when they are exposed to the air and atmosphere with dust particles. There have been people who reported contacts eye infections due to contact lens solution toxicity. It is very dangerous to expose your eyes to such a material which may not be healthy at all for your eyes. It is highly recommended to buy that contact lens solution that contains low toxins and high proteins. People with dry eyes can grab black pitched mirror contact lenses for dry eyes from selected opticians. The reason why contact lenses for severe dry eyes were made because; there is a high tendency of moisture to be absorbed by dry eyes. Normal lenses contain 70 to 80 percent of moisture which makes the lenses soft and comfortable to the eyes. People with dry eyes cannot wear these lenses because if all the moisture gets evaporated then there will be itching in the eyes. Itching and redness causes a lot of eye infections.

full eye contact lensesParents have shown a lot of concern about pitched black mirrored contact lenses as they are new in the market. Many teens have shown their interest in buying these lenses but the parents are concerned if they are safe or not. They are absolutely safe and secure to be worn on parties and in different plays. They have been marketed quite a lot by the theatre artists and online companies. There has been a lot of talk regarding these lenses and that’s why pitched black mirrored contacts lenses have taken a lead over crazy vampire contact lenses in terms of scary lenses rating.

“The Look Of Your Eyes”
Actor Vin Diesel wore Halloween mirrored contact lenses in his movie Pitch Black,known as Pitch black mirrored contact lenses, which became the fashion all over the world. Following such a fame of mirrored contact lenses.

Mirrored Contact Lenses
The use of such contact lenses, leaves an unforgettable impression on the minds on the audience. The pitch black mirrored contact lens is the current favorite, especially of the Hollywood crowd.

Novelty & Special Effects
Black sclera contact lenses are certainly unusual, turning your eyes into pitch black pits. Pitch black mirrored contact lenses. Pitch black mirror contact lenses are scary, and ideal for Halloween, or just to scare family and friends.

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