Hydrasoft Toric Options Contact Lenses

Hydrasoft Toric Options Contact Lenses were designed by CooperVision for people that suffer from severe Astigmatism. It has been a long standing issue to find regular soft contact lenses for this condition and people mostly had to wear permanent contact lenses. The hydrasoft toric options contacts range are lenses that are replaced on a quarterly bases and are very comfortable because of this fact.

CooperVision has been extremely smart to categorize the lenses into four different categories, they did this as result of the wide range of correction combinations for these Contact Lenses for Astigmatism. there over 13,000 000 combinations of correction options for these lenses, therefore it was important to create some sort of order to make it less confusing for their clients. the following categories were created: 1. Standard lenses (division i), the lenses in this category are lenses that are the closest to normal lenses and normal strength. 2. Speciality lenses (division ii), this category of lenses are slightly stronger in strength and also a little more expensive than the lenses in division i. 3. Custom lenses (division iii), this is a category were lenses are custom manufactured according to the needs of individuals, once again they are stronger in prescription and more expensive than division ii. 4. Custom lenses (division iv), these lenses are the most extreme custom toric lenses available and once again they are made specifically for the individual, these are the most expensive and the most extreme in strength.

These lenses make it possible to get custom made contact lenses at an affordable price, although they are more expensive than the generic lense on the shelf, they are made entirely for you. they are meant to fit perfectly in order to aid in comfort. They are available as daily contact lenses and can also be worn as extended wear contact lenses, which means you need to replace them after seven days of wear. It is always advisable to speak to your ophthalmologist about extended wear contact lenses.

Some suppliers offer Free Trial Contact lenses. The hydrosoft toric options contact lense is a prescription only contact lense and they cannot be bought without one. You can order online contact lenses but you still have to supply your prescription.

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