How to tell if you have Inside Out Contact Lenses

I recall when I first started wearing contact lenses, I could never tell if I had Inside Out Contact Lenses or not. It was really confusing and I often put them in my eyes Inside Out. It was extremely frustrating as Inside Out Contact Lenses irritate the corneas of your eyes, your eys are also very often bloodshot and puffy when wearing it like this for extended periods of time.

This is exactly why I have decided to write an article on how to tell if you have Inside Out Contact Lenses before you put them in your eyes, this way you can avoid the pain, irritation and frustration every time.

  • Start by removing the first contact lens from your contact lenses holder. (For this exercise, it is not to important not too touch the contact lens as we are not actually placing them in our eyes, we are only learning how to tell if they are Inside Out). Now place it on the tip of your thumb with your thumb pointing up to the sky.
  • Now hold the lens up to eye level and look at the curvature of it, look at the outside edges of the lens and see whether the edges of the lens curve away from each other or towards each other. If the edges curve towards each other then the lens is the right way around and is easy to place in your eye.

Another way of telling whether you have Inside out contact Lenses is by following the same process as above and then;

  • While you have the lens on your thumb, place the tips of your both your index fingers on opposite sides of the lens and push the edges towards each other. If the edges curve toward each other as if to close, then you know you do not have Inside Out Contact Lenses and they are ready for insertion.
  • If the edges of the lens push against your fingers and the direction you are pushing you know that it is inside out.

I hope this article was informative and you now know how to insert your contact lenses correctly and that you will never have Inside Out contact lenses again. If you are still unsure you should visit your local optician for advice.

Having Inside Out Contact lenses could affect your vision adversely as the lens is not designed to work like that, It could cause irritation that could lead to infection and they could also tear if this happens to often.

Torn contact lenses could be costly to replace, as you may not be close to an ophthalmologist, or you may have to have your eyes inspected again if you are away from home and this would cost you a consultancy fee. So follow the steps above to ensure you do not have Inside Out Contact Lenses.

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