How To Read A Contact Lens Prescription

Contact lenses are small discs made of fine glass, or polymer which are used to correct the weak eye sight problems and reflection errors. Contact lenses are widely replacing eyeglasses all over the world due to the comfort and convenience they provide.

Contact Lenses – Types
Contact lenses are here for long time and the recent improvements have increased their uses for various purposes. Contact lenses come in different types and can be used not only for medical purposes but also for beauty enhancement. Contact lenses can be used for long periods of time or their use can be limited to a few hours only. With a large variety of contact lenses, you can choose the one which suits your needs and lifestyle the best. Different types of contact lenses include:
Soft contact lenses
Hard contact lenses

contact lense prescriptionThe above classification is mainly done on the basis of material being used to manufacture the lens. These types can further be classified as extended-wear or daily-wear.

Contact lenses – Uses
Contact lenses are mainly used for medical purposes; however, some people use it for decorative purposes as well. The tinted, colored contact lenses are often sported to enhance the natural color of eyes. The medical purposes of contact lenses include eye sight problems such as far sightedness, near sightedness, and refraction of errors of eyes.

Contact Lenses – Medical advice

Contact lenses should be used after consulting the doctor. As mentioned earlier, contact lenses are the glass discs which are made according the cornea size of the eye. The important thing to examine while prescribing a contact lens is the diameter and curve angle of the eye cornea.

How to read the prescription of contact lenses?
A typical prescription of contact lens contains three main values. These values include:
Power of the lens
BC or Base curve
Dia or Diameter

BC values differ from brand to brand.

Power of the lens describes the value up to which the lens can correct the error in the sight.
The prescription also includes the some definitions which are:
OS Left Eye
OD Right Eye
OU Both Eyes

cheap contact lens prescriptionThe prescription for patients with Astigmatism correction or refraction error correction includes two more columns named:
Cyl or Cylinder

Difference between eyeglasses prescription and contact lenses prescription
1. The eyeglasses prescription includes only the power while the contact lenses’ prescription includes some other terms as well which describes the size of the lens.
2. The power of contact lenses is different from the eyeglasses power because the lenses are place right above the eye cornea while your glasses are usually place almost 12mm away from your eye.
3.  The prescriptions for contact lenses also contain an expiration date.

Fill Your Contact Lens Prescription Online
If you have a contact lens prescription from your doctor and you want to find cheap contacts, fill it online. There are discount contact lens providers on the internet.

What My Contact Lens Prescription Means
I have astigmatism in my right eye, and on the package that my toric contact lens came in, it says -0.00 -3.75 x015. What is my exact prescription?

What Would My Contact Lens Prescription
I didn’t find out until after the exam that he does not do contact lens prescriptions. Now here is an interesting part of the story…. 4. I only need the contacts long enough to try on eyeglasses and see how they look!

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