How Do You Remove A Contact Lens

Contact lenses are small glass discs which are mainly used to correct the eye sight problems, however, contact lenses can be used for decorative purposes as well. Different lenses are used for medical purposes and for decoration. Whatever type of lens you are using, it’s essentially important to remove the lens properly. In this article a guide to remove the lenses has been provided. Read more…

How do you remove your contact lenses? Learn the right method now!

Before removing the lens

* Put a few drops of saline solution in your eyes over the lenses so that they absorb it. The lenses should not be dry when you remove them. Use a commercial saline solution for your lenses. If your solution has discolored remove it with a fresh one.  Do not sue any sort of home made solutions.
* Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. It’s better if the soap does not have any fragrance or any sort of perfume as such elements often causes irritation in eyes if left on the lenses.
* Place a clean cloth on the table or if you are using a sink then cover the drain of the sink.
While you remove the lens
2 acuvue color contact lens* Now touch your lenses and move it towards the corner of your eye. Do not try to drag your lens against the cornea as it may cause scratches. Scratches caused by the lenses are fatal and can never be erased.
* Try to fold the lens with the tip of your finger and pick it.
* If you cannot pick the lens by finger then use a plunger. You may ask your optician to provide you a plunger. A plunger is simple tool to gently remove the lens form the eye.
Care of lenses after removing them
contact lens solutions* Once removed the lens should be placed in its case immediately. Each time you put your lenses back in their cases remove the old solution first and pour into fresh solution. Also, never switch the cases. Always, put the lenses in their respective case.
*  You can also remove the lenses with miniature suction cups. Suction cups can be availed from the pharmacy stores. If you are wearing hard contact lenses then using suction cups is better option then a plunger.
* Remember a lens can never lose in your eyes neither it can go behind you so don’t worry if you are not able to find it on your cornea. You can consult you optician to see if it has gotten folded under your lid.

You can drop some eye drops in your eye if you are feeling any type of irritation in your eyes after removing the lens.

How to Remove Contact Lenses The Pain Free Way
How do you remove contact lenses without injury or damage to the contact with the eye in this process?

How To Care For Your Contact Lens
Take off your contact lens, before applying makeup to avoid contaminating your contact lens. When removing your makeup, wash and dry your hands first and then remove your contact lenses. Following this, remove your makeup.

How to Insert, Remove Soft Contact Lenses
Coopervision has produced this 10+ minute video on how to insert, remove and take care of soft contact lenses. There is a brief commercial at the beginning outlining the different kinds of contact lenses offered by CooperVision.

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