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Colored contact lenses are the most popular contact lenses in town. Girls and guys love to try them on parties, ceremonies and just as a fashion statement during regular school or college days. Some of the custom fake colored contact lenses look really nice like pretty eye contacts but some of them are just too horrible to handle and wear on different occasions. Some people are just not aware of the fact that not all colors would suit their personality and they randomly select a color which in the end turns out to be a disaster. One of the colors in contact lenses that suit rather everyone is gray.

Gray contact lenses are quite common among girls who have dark colored natural eyes. They prefer wearing gray contacts as it goes perfectly with the makeup and gives a glamorous look to the eyes. Gray contact lenses are just like green contact lenses, having the iris colored with shades of gray and the centre part is left hollow. If someone has a vision problem then he should first get a prescription from his doctor to wear fake colored contact lenses and then order these lenses online. Unlike olden times, buying colored contact lenses has become so convenient nowadays because of many online stores and retailers on the internet. All you need to do is to make an order and ask them to send you a pair of free trial contacts. Once you are sure of the fact that your gray contact lenses are comfortable and they suit your eyes, you can finally place your order.

Gray contact lenses create a hue in the eyes and give them a sparkling and enchanting look. You may try opaque gray contacts or transparent gray contacts depending upon your choice. People having subtle dark eyes usually prefer wearing opaque lenses as they enhance the entire eye in a beautiful manner. Gray lenses are popular because there in no restriction upon them to be worn on limited occasions. They are just like natural gray eyes so any kind of makeup and dressing can go with these lenses. There is no need to worry about the fact that they cannot be worn during night or day.

colored eye contactsThe most popular brand that makes reliable and attractive gray contact lenses is Acuvue colors opaque. Then there is Boston 7, Axis 55, Freshlook one day, Tru color, plano 2 Pack etc. These brands have been approved by FDA and if you want to be sure of the safety and security of your eyes then always buy FDA approved products. All the opticians provide contact lens solution along with the lenses which should also be approved by FDA. There are many people who reported eye infections due to contact lens solution so it is not advisable to use solutions that are expired. Also make sure you purchase right kind of gray contact lenses, either extensive wear or disposable. Nothing would make your eyes beautiful than these sparkling gray contacts as they make a woman look really beautiful.

gray contact lenses
Businesses vending gray contact lenses via Internet at affordable rates. 4May2009 Filed under: Uncategorized Author: flutteringkick. Do you want to purchase colored adherent lenses and care products on the Internet at a convenient rate?

Le Midget’s Contact Lenses
I change the contact lens solution everytime I use it and put it back in the container. If I’m not wearing them for a while I change the solution at least every week because otherwise it will actually get sort of thicker and burrrrn the … If anyone is obsessed with wanting very light gray eyes. These are soo for you! They’re stricking! It’s so light on some people it might almost look tooo light and icy and end up making you look dead.

purple contact lenses?
Should I get purple contact lenses? CRUNCHY BACON MAN!!!!!YUM! asked: I know I asked this question before but I wanted to know what other people think. Im probably going to buy them anyways and Im also buying gray color contacts as well.

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