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Glow in the dark contact lenses have made a huge impact in the accessories of Halloween that are sold today in the stores. They are non prescription contact lenses which have a luminescent material that helps them in glowing. There are many color categories of glow in the dark contact lenses but one of the most popular colors that they come in is red. While talk about glow in the dark red contact lenses, we are focusing on pink contact lenses. Pure and dark red would be too dull to glow in the eyes therefore reddish pink lenses are used to create an effect of red glow in the dark contacts. These lenses are masterpieces that were introduced quite recently. They are partially dangerous, partially beautiful but on the whole the impact is quite mesmerizing.

Occasions where the use of the glow in the dark red contact lenses is quite common are Halloween parties, vampire parties, night parties etc. The question that comes in everyone’s mind while purchasing these glowing and fascinating lenses is that, are they safe enough for eyes. Also some people may ask along with it that am I allergic to my contact lens solution?. The answer to both the questions can be yes in different cases. It is always better to purchase your glow in the dark red contact lenses with prescription from your doctor. It decreases the risk of any sort of eye infections caused by contact lenses. If you happen to experience itching and irritation in your eyes even after that, then there is some problem with your contact lens solution.

glow in the dark contact lenseThere is a common habit of teenage friends to share things. If there is a group of friends who wants to throw a Halloween party then they would rather share each other glow in the dark red contacts which is not at all a good practice. There are some enzymes in the eyes which help in fighting against the external germs. If you exchange your lenses of a person having dry eyes or eye infection then the likelihood of getting infected increases to quite a lot of extent. Also you cannot sleep with your lenses in your eyes as it increases the risk of getting obstructed vision or complete blindness. The glow in the dark red contact lenses are quite sensitive and you cannot swim with them in the water.

freaky eye contactsThese contact lenses are tinted with fluorescent and luminous colors to give an effect of glow in the dark. They are one of their kind and not many people choose to buy them as they give a rather horrifying look during night. They are perfect for actors who play the characters in theatre. Along with blind eye contacts and full eye contacts lenses, glow in the dark contact lenses are a part of theatrical practices. These lenses emit neon like light when you completely turn off all the lights. The extraordinary effect of these lenses is only seen at that moment. Make sure you don’t wear them in front of people who easily get scared and then get anxious. These lenses should not be worn in front of your grandparents or young kids as they will get scared and it might affect their psychological personality on the whole.  Last but not the least, these lenses need a lot of care as provided by the contact lens care. They should be kept in a contact lens carrying case along with small amount of solution all the time.

Glow-in-the-dark Contact Lens Case
Today we look at the Glow-in-the-dark Contact Lens Case contact lenses. Here is the official Product Description for our review. Custom contact lens case for storage of soft disposablecontact lenses during chemical disinfection.

Tips For Glow In The Dark Contact Lenses
Here are sometips to help you with your ‘glow in the dark contact lens’. Various types of glow in the dark lenses are available freely onthe Internet and are quite affordable if you don’t buy the lensright on Halloween.

Pure Black Contact Lenses
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