Extreme H2O Contact Lenses

So,what’s so special and extreme about the Extreme H2O lenses? Well for one, you can wear them 25/7, day and night, sleep or no sleep for the whole one month!! Now that’s called extreme. The lenses are a technological revolution in the field of contact lenses being the firs of its kind to be moulded spherical lenses that are inexpensive and can be used as daily wear. These lenses are perfect for those who have to take off their lenses by the end of the day, due to dryness and discomfort. Even modern lenses, worn for the whole day can cause dryness, because the water in the lenses get dehydrated and they instead draw on the moisture of the eyes, thus making the user feel light irritation.

The Extreme H20 however gives maximum comfort even till night and you can wear it to sleep, just to wake up the next morning, having clear and sharp soft contact lens vision, like as if you havent worn lenses at all. All this is possible because the contact lenses are manufactured using hioxifilcon A, a co-polymer GMA-HEMA which helps in retaining the moisture of the eyes, where most lenses would dry your eyes up.

You still do have to use the regular solutions provided for the lenses, but that is only on specific days throughout the month that your wearing it, so that means there is not much maitenance and time waste. Do visit an optician for a prescription, guidance and professional fitting. The Extreme H2O contact lenses are designed to keep you relaxed only if you use them well!

Extreme H2O contact lenses ACLens.com announces the addition of Extreme H2O contact lenses by Benz Research. Try these high water content contacts today. contact lenses Air Optix, Acuvue Oasys, Biofinity. Best non-silicon hydrogel lenses: Proclear, Extreme H2O, Clarity H2O. Obviously you need to try these on under a doctor’s supervision in the USA or with an optician elsewhere. Contact Lenses? 2) I have dry eyes and I have heard that the more water content in the lens, the faster that it dries your eyes out. Is this true? I currently use SofLens 66 Toric (very slight astigmatism), which is 66% H2O.

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