Disposable Toric Contact Lenses

Toric contact lenses are specially made contact lenses aiming to treat people with the eye condition of astigmatism (irregular shape of cornea resulting in blurred vision) and near or short sightedness.Initially this condition was treated with wearing ugly looking, huge spectacles or later surgery which was not very much affective. Initially the toric lenses were made to be daily disposables, which means people had to wear them for a day, and by night dispose them off, but now these lenses have developed more and the enhancement time period has been stretched onto one week and in some cases one month.

Though being disposable was a good thing, it hit expenses sky high, as people needed to change their lenses after every two to three weeks and proclear toric contact lenses people could not afford the lenses, though it was much needed, but later the internet market, helped people to be able to bear the cost of this affectively.

All major companies of the world, such as Johnson & Johnson, CibaVision, Ocular Sciences, and many others provide disposable toric contact lenses. It’s not necessary though that you get your lenses from third party vendors,who would definitely be giving you a high price, you can simply take your prescription and provide it to any legal online site and get the lens directly from the company at a much lowered price. But before any purchase consult your doctor for the kind of toric contact lenses you would want to wear.

Disposable Contact Lenses All contact lenses now manufactured by all companies, be it toric lenses, colored lenses, etc are all disposables, with different usage period. Ask your optician to guide you in selecting the one best for you. Neo Dali Toric Lenses The Neo Dali toric contact lenses are a great staple to have in your collection of colored contact lenses. They are classic and sexy, not to mention refreshingly simple and understated. If you are someone who likes it simple and classy.
Purevision Toric Contact Lenses If you’re looking to push the limits of extended wear contact lenses for astigmatism, you will want to consider Purevision Toric lenses from Bausch and Lomb. Approved by the FDA for up to thirty days of continuous extended wear.

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