Day Contact Lenses

Day disposable contact lenses are also more widely known as the daily wear contact lenses or in other words daily disposable contact lenses. What is exactly meant by this is that lenses nowadays come in the form of being dialy disposables, meaning you use them for the whole day and then simply discard them. These day lenses are meant specially for people who have dry eyes, as by the end of the day, the lenses start to loose their water content and begin picking up on the moisture of the eyes. When this happens,the eyes start feeling a little dry, but that doesnt remain for long, for then the lenses is thrown away easily.

This is beneficial in the sense that it does not cause any kind of protein buildup, neither any accumalation of germs, and the best part, no need to use any kind of maintenance solutions. Just use and throw, but the negative aspect is the cost. Using a pair of lenses each day and then buying a new box one day contact lenses after every week or so is pretty costly, and if you buy from a real retailer your in for some gaping amounts!

Instead of buying from retailers at double the orignal price, you can always opt for online shopping of contact lenses, which could prove to be very economical and hassle free, provided you find the right site that offers legal products and even if your buying day contact lenses online, you need a prescription, as they come under medical objects categories. Use your contact lenses well to get excellent vision each new day!

Coloured Contact Lenses Wear a different color each day if you like. See what reactions you get. Will anyone notice? Will everybody notice? Try it and see. Change your eye color with Accuvue color contacts. You can get them from your eye doctor, but bet ya they’ll have … The best-colored contacts however are the Acuvue 2 brand and Acuvue is one of the hottest types of contact lenses. These Acuvue color contacts are designed in order that they can be worn for a week or two before being dropped. Costume Contact Lenses Costume contact lenses are the ultimate costume accessories to finish off your costume to perfection! Whether you need costume contact lenses for a funky fancy dress party, festivals, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day.

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