Custom Contact Lenses

Contact lenses- An Overview
Contact lenses are small, tiny discs made of glass which have the ability to correct the eye vision problems miraculously. These tiny glass discs are transparent and virtually invisible. These discs are so convenient to put on that even a footballer player can sport them while playing his match. Contact lenses are here for quite some time now and could be used to correct almost any eye vision problem such farsightedness, nearsightedness, and presbyopia.
Contact lenses are perfect for those persons who have multiple eye vision problems and had to wear more than one eye glasses to correct it. Bifocal contact lenses are now easily available and can be used by those persons who are suffering with both nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Contact lenses for decorative purposes
Apart from medical purposes, contact lenses can also be used for decorative purposes. If you ever wondered about the all-black eyes of Michael Myers in Halloween then wonder no more. Let us help you resolve the mystery. Michael Myers was sporting decorative lenses to get that ghost-like, frightening look. Pick any horror movie and you will notice decorative lenses being used.

Contact lenses are also used to enhance beauty. Yes, a changed eye color may enhance your natural feature making you look better-looking. Colored contact lenses are available in almost every color; from hazel to light brown, from baby blue to grey, and even in the most bizarre colors such as purple! Apart form medical purposes; use of colored contact lenses is second largest use of it.

Custom Contact Lenses
Contact lenses, whether to be used for medical purposes or for the decorative purposes, are made custom made to meet the eye specification of the user. Before you buy contact lenses, consult your medical advisor first. You optician would examine your eye with special instruments to get information about your eye’s optical specification. These specifications give information about the curvature and the diameter of the lens. The doctor would also prescribe you the power of the contact lenses according to the severity of your eye vision problem. Those who have less weak eye vision will be recommended a contact lens of lesser power than those who have great eye vision problem.

The contact lenses are made after receiving this information from the doctor. Custom contact lenses are made at special contact lens labs.
If you are intending for a decorative contact lens, you are asked to specify the design or the color you want to have in your lenses. Spooky, and cat-eye lenses often seen at Halloween costume parties are also custom made. These lenses are hand painted and are not made by professionals so there is a very high risk of interacting allergies.

Custom Contact Lenses
Custom contact lenses are nothing but the lenses which are designed for a particular use. These lenses are to be ordered in advance. Everyone has a different size of eye lids and it is very important for any lenses to fit in properly.

where can i get custom contact lenses
Where can i get custom contact lenses made in the boston area? i would like to get hand painted lenses made in a custom design.

How are Custom Soft Contact Lenses Made
Here is an interesting video from the TV show How It’s Made on how custom soft contact lenses are made. The vast majority of soft contact lenses prescribed today are mass produced and molded.

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