Custom Colored Natural Eye Contacts

Custom colored natural eye contacts provide a great and cooling effect to the eyes. They come in two categories. Prosthetic and special affect contact lenses. These custom colored contact lenses give a natural effect to the eye by hiding any eye injuries or marks that give an untidy look to the entire appearance. The special effect lenses are used for theatrical purpose and are pretty much identical to blind eye contacts or big eye contacts. In both of these categories, the common thing is the durability and price of these lenses. Since these contact lenses are special therefore they cost a little more than the usual soft contacts. There are custom colored severe dry eye contacts for people who suffer from symptoms of dry eyes. Also there are big eye custom contacts imported all the way from Korea to give the look of Japanese cartoons to the eyes.

Prosthetic or hand painted custom natural eye contact lenses are used to hide any injury or damage to the eye that might have happened due to an accident or surgery. The eyes that are damaged completely and there is no chance of them being repaired by any surgeon, can be taken care of by using Prosthetic custom natural eye contacts. Soft custom contacts are manufactured under high supervision and with a comfortable material. The pigment colors need to be bonded correctly with the polymer of the lens and this is specially taken care of at the time of manufacturing custom lenses.

exotic eye contactsAs they are unique and extraordinary, their cost is comparatively the highest in the market if we compare prices of prescription and funky contact lenses. A proper examination from a certified ophthalmologist is needed in order to purchase custom color contact lenses. The doctor will match the color with your eye color, will see the eye structure and will look for any eye diseases that need to be cured before taking up the lenses regularly. Custom lenses like other contact lenses need to be taken care of with the help of contact lens care guidelines. The rinsing contact lens solution needs to be toxic free.

fake colored contact lensSpecial effect natural eye custom color contacts were usually preferred by movie stars, theatre artists on occasions like Halloween or Easter when you have to dress up in different weird looking costumes and go for trick or treating. These lenses can be purchased online on cheap prices but make sure you contact a registered dealer. Special effect custom colored contacts are specifically designed to meet the requirements of different occasions and movies. For example if you are playing the character of a dead body then the blind eye contact type of special effects contact lenses would be the best choice. If you are playing a vampire in any play then red crazy vampire custom colored contact lenses can be bought. For different animals, different shapes and patterns are painted on special effect contact lenses like those of cat, wolf, lion etc. They give the eyes a very unique and scary look.

Beauty advice
Results may vary according to your natural eye color. Free Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth I am wearing Geo Nudy Brown here. * Results may vary according to your natural eye color. … I love colored contacts! Unfortunatley I wear regular ones and they dont have my kind in colored… It sucks! I have blue eyes and would LOVE t fef o get the brown contacts, but oh well… :).

Custom contact lenses
A true meaning to the term “eye candy”. This tutorial will show you how to add colors and patterns to your eyes giving the look as if you were wearing colored contact lenses. Custom lens PSD that’s an easy effect but, haven’t found the way to make it look like “crystal” or with the white sparks that makes it look more Un-natural but at the same time fascinating.

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