Coopervision Clearsight and Clearsight Toric 1-Day Contact Lenses

Coopervision Clearsight and Clearsight Toric 1-Day Contact Lenses

ClearSight and ClearSight Toric Contact Lenses are manufactured by CooperVision, they are the epitome of comfort and convenience. people are continuously commenting on our blog that we should write an article about them. They mention that both the Clearsight and the Toric version of the lense are the most comfortable they have ever worn. these contact lenses are meant to be worn for one day only and then be disposed of. They are not t be worn for consecutive days, as their design does not allow for this.

The up side of having these 1-day disposable contact lenses are that each pair are always comfortable and the vision you get from them is always clear and crisp. You also have less chance of getting unwanted deposits on the lenses which cause irritation and  eye infection. These lenses were designed for special events and sports, once you are finished with a pair you get rid of them and you wear a different pair the next day. No cleaning, no need for carrying solution and should you damage or lose a lense during a sports event you do not have the hassle, expense or the inconvenience of having to find your prescription or an ophthalmologist.

Many of our followers will not wear anything but Clearsight Contact lenses. They absolutely adore them and are loyal to the brand.

These lenses are also available in a Toric version for people who have an Astigmatism in one or both their eyes, this condition used to be the sole factor in determining whether people could wear Contact Lenses or not. Fortunately with the advances in technology this is no longer the case.  Coopervision also manufacture the Avaira Contact Lense.This is also one of the top rated lenses on the market, it is clear that Coopervision are looking to dominate the market with these High quality, comfortable range of Contact Lenses. Clearsight and ClearSight Toric combined with Avaira and Avaira Toric Contact Lenses are stiff competition for any Contact lense Manufacturer.

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