Coopervision Avaira and Avaira Toric Contact Lenses

Coopervision Avaira and Avaira Toric Contact Lenses

If you are looking for two week contact lenses, the Avaira family of contact lenses from Coopervision are the only lenses that you will find that are naturaly wettable hydrogel contact lenses.The secret to this lense’s ability to attract moisture to the lense lies in the manufacturing process. The unique material from which they are manufactured has the ability to ties H2O (water) to the lense, without lubricating agents, that are prone to being washed away when you clean your contact lenses.

The Avaria and Avaria Toric t lenses (for Astigmatism) are extremely comfortable, and it’s comfort is attributed to Coopervisions unique Aquaform Comfort Science Technology. Using this technology they are able to creat a softer, more comfortable lense that make wearing contact lenses a pleasure.

Coopervision Avaira also have a high oxygen transfer rate through the lense to the surface of the eye, this leaves your eyes feeling healthy and fresh when wearing the Contact lenses for extended periods of time, they remain fresh and stay white. The combination of the technology and the comfort creates an extreme comfort experience.

The Avaira Toric 2-week Contact lenses have been added to the silicone hydragel family to cater for those people who have Astigmatism. These lenses are also world leaders in toric contact lenses.

These 2-week Avaira Contact lenses are very comfortable and they offer a moisture rich high O2 transfer rate where Oxygen is transferred to the surface of the eye. This is imperative in keeping the eye healthy and feeling rejuvenated. It has been proven that contact lenses with high moisture and oxygen transfer rates contribute to the health of the eyes. More and more Contact Lense manufacturers are trying to achieve these high rates of transfer as they know it is key to comfort.

The Avaira family of contact lenses also provide UV protection. it is important to note that the UV protection provided by these lenses is not intended to be a substitution for protective eye wear such as sunglasses. This is due to the fact the contact lenses do not cover the eye in its entirety.

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