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When you to an optician for choosing your favorite green eye contacts pair which is available without prescription, you are all happy to try it on. Wearing contacts is always fascinating and gives your eyes and face and entirely new look. The problem arises when you start experiencing irritation or itching in the eyes at the time you wear your contacts. People most often experience tearing effect and some unwanted material starts coming out of eyes as soon as you put in your contact lenses. These symptoms if not detected correctly, can lead to severe contacts eye infections which are curable but take quite a lot of time to cure. Some of the infections are so severe that they can cause blindness to eyes.

contacts eye infectionResearches have reported that the most common reason of catching contacts eye infection is the contact lens solution toxicity. There are some disinfecting chemicals in contact lens solutions that help in cleaning the lenses when you soak them in the solution. If the solution is toxic and has an acidic material, it is likely to damage the quality of your lenses as well as cause irritation and pain to your eyes. There are many types of eye infections but they are caused under certain circumstances. People who are habitual of wearing contact lenses are likely to experience the eye infections. This is caused by the regular bacterial build up in the eye due to wearing contacts for more than 8 hours daily and improper disinfection of lenses by the solution.

contact lens solution toxicityCommon contacts eye infections are pink eye and Blepharitis. These eye infections requite immediate treatment and eye drops that can neutralize the effect of these infections in the eye. If they are not cured on time then they might cause blindness. Contact eye infections can also affect any part of eyes from eye lids to cornea and lead to the optic nerve that connects eyes and brain. If you experience any of the symptoms of eye infections like persistent itching, constant pain in the eyes at the time of wearing contacts, eye discharge, watery and red eyes, swelling of tissue around eyes or eyelids, blurring vision and discomfort in the eyes then you are suspected to develop contacts eye infection and you are advised to visit the nearest doctor for and eye checkup.

In order to prevent yourself from contacts eye infections, you should make a habit of proper contact lens care. Always wash your hands before you touch the lenses; never let the lenses get dry in the contact lens carrying cases, change your contact lens carrier case after every month and purchase a solution which is well reputed. If you think your vision is getting blur then immediately visit your eye doctor. It is probable that you need to get your lenses powered up to correct your vision. In the case of fake colored contact lenses and crazy vampire contact lenses, you should discard them immediately after 2 weeks as it is the maximum lifetime of disposable contacts. Keep your lenses clean and dry ( don’t use tap water to soak lenses) and take care of your eyes.

Eye infection
Ok so last week my husband had a really bad eye infection.(won’t take out his contacts when they start to bug him.) Honey “My eyes hurt.” Me “Then take out your contacts!” H “ok” in whinney voice.

The Importance of Eye Exams
Eye exams are an important part of wearing contact lenses. Eye infections can develop quickly when you wear contacts because they fit directly on the eye surface. The eye surface is easily subject to infection.

contact lense broke in eye?
They can also properly flush out any left overs and preserve your sight. Don’t touch your eye or continue to try to remove it on your own. You could do permanent damage that way or give yourself a raging infection from your fingers.

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