Contact Lenses For Stigmatism

What are Contact lenses for Stigmatism and do they actually exist? In this article we will be focussing on the definition of Astigmatism, whether people with Astigmatism can wear contact lenses, how Contact lenses for Stigmatism (Toric Contact lenses) work and why these contact lenses are different to normal contact lenses. I hope you find this article relevant and interesting.

What is Astigmatism?

  • Astigmatism is defined as a condition of the eye where the vision is blurred due to a defect of the eye, this has the effect that the eye cannot focus an object into a crisp image. So what causes this? It is normally due to an abnormal curvature of the lens of the eye (cornea). But there are different types of Astigmatism – Regular and Irregular Astigmatism.
  • Irregular Astigmatism is caused by scarring of the cornea or the scattering of the crystalline lens, this type of Astigmatism cannot be corrected by normal optical lenses. Contact Lenses for Stigmatism can correct this condition.
  • Regular astigmatism stemming from the cornea or crystalline lens is where the cornea of the eye is shaped like an American football or rugby ball. This irregular shape of the eye stops a person from using regular contact lenses as it continuously moves around and is blurry.

Can people with astigmatism wear contact lenses?

  • The short answer for this is YES, Contact Lenses for Stigmatism is called toric contact lenses
  • Years ago people with this condition were unable to wear contact lenses as the technology was not available to manufacture these lenses. Luckily with the advances in technology these lenses are now available.

How does Contact Lenses For Stigmatism work?

  • Each pair of lenses is individually made to the shape of the patient’s eye; no pair are the same, the left is not even the same as the right.
  • These lenses shape the cornea of the eye, this is different to regular contacts where the shape of the lens is determined by the shape of the eye.
  • They are manufactured with weights in the lenses which keeps the lens on the cornea in a specific position. Normal contacts move around and they do not stay in the same position. The reason for this is that toric lenses need to correct a specific imperfection in the eye and they need to stay in one position.
  • There are different types of Contact Lenses For Stigmatism; rigid gas permeable, disposable or daily wear. The type chosen by the optician is determined by the degree of astigmatism in the eye, in some cases non disposable contact lenses are the only solution.

I hope this article was helped to answer your questions about Contact Lenses For Stigmatism and was in informative.

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