Contact Lense Care

Once you have purchased your contact lenses, it becomes quite evident to take care of them by keeping them safe and in a cool and calm place. There are many steps and guidelines that will lead you to effective contact lens care. Here I would like to share some of them to make you realize how important it is to take care of contact lenses.

Before getting color changing contacts without description or transparent contacts with prescription, you should visit your doctor at least once to get your eyes examined. If there will be any need of vision correction then the doctor will recommend you to get power contact lenses. Else you can buy any type of crazy, colored, pretty, weird looking contact lenses depending upon your choice. When you have finally purchased a pair of lenses, you must follow these special guidelines that will help you keep your eyes and lenses free from any damage.

1. Learn how to put the contact lenses properly in and out of eyes.
2. Learn about the time period for which you can wear your contacts. If you are using temporary lenses then they expire in 2 weeks time whereas the extensive wear lenses expire after quite some time like an year or so.
3. You can use the comforter or the lubricating solution to keep your eyes and wet and moisturized.
free trial color contacts4. Initially learn to adjust with the contacts. If you are used to of wearing glasses then roaming around without them would be bit stupid for you but learn the fact that you have adopted a new change. Remove the lenses immediately after coming from school or workplace. It will give comfort to your eyes.
5. At the time of travelling, keep a small bag with you handy. It must contain the contact lens carrier case, lens solution and eye drops recommended by your doctor. Screw-top contact lens carriers are safer as the solution doesn’t leak out from them.
6. Never ever sleep with your contacts on your eyes. If you accidently fall asleep then as soon as you wake up, lubricate your eyes with eye drops and remove the contacts. Splash cold water on your eyes to avoid any reaction of contact lens solution with the tears inside the eye.
7. If you feel that a debris or dust particle has entered the eye and displacing the contact lens then slide the lens a bit, rolls your eyes up and down and finally you will get rid of debris.
8. Contact lenses when exposed to sunlight might cause irritation. Wear UV protected sun glasses so that you can easily roam around in sun.
9. Always rinse contacts after they fallen on floor, on table or any where else. There is a chance that some material would be there to damage the lens so its always a better option to cleanse your lenses.
10. Always wash your hands before touching the contact lenses. Your hands contain millions of terrible microorganisms that are harmful for eyes and when combines with contact lens solution toxicity effect, can lead to eye infections.

Clear Care Contact Lens Solution review
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Contact Lenses and its Usage
Contact lenses are a safe and effective way to correct your vision. However, this is only true if you use your contact lenses with care and under the proper supervision on your doctor.

contact lenses on the Internet
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