Contact Lens Washer

Contact lenses are small glass discs which are used to correct eye sight problems. Eye sight problems usually include vision problems in which the patient is not able to view things properly. the blurred view is often caused by the contraction of eye cornea. Other eye sight problems include refractive errors of eyes medically known as persbyopia and astigmatism. Contact lenses are also prescribed to those who had eye surgery due to cataracts. This article entails an overview of contact lenses, its types, and detailed discussion on how to cleanse and wash them.

Why contact lenses?
According to a recent study, millions of American have now switched to contact lenses from eye glasses. One of the major reasons why contact lenses are immensely popular is the convenience they provide. They are light weight, virtually invisible, and extremely comfortable to wear. They come with more convenient ways to correct eye vision problems than the conventional eyeglasses.

contact lens cleanerContact lenses- Types and classification
With the advent of technology, the manufacturing of contact lenses has improved a lot. Contact lenses are now available in various types. These different types are manufactured by keeping in view the different needs of persons with different lifestyles. The main classification of contact lenses is based upon the time period for which they can be used. It includes the extended-wear and daily-wear contact lenses. Daily-wear contact lenses can be used for a time span of 24 hours while extended-wear can be used for as long as one month.
These contact lenses are further classified as soft contact lenses and rigid gas-permeable contact lenses. this classification is done on the basis of manufacturing material used to make the lens. Soft contact lenses are made of very fine polymer and are gel-like, thin lenses while rigid gas-permeable lenses are made of glass. rigid gas-permeable lenses are hard and allow more oxygen to permeate through the lens.

contact lens wholesaleContact lenses – Care and Cleaning
Readers please take notice that if you are wearing contact lenses you should be very well aware of the caring and cleaning methods. If you are not following the techniques to cleanse and wash your lens regularly than you are at a higher risk of developing eye infections. Regular, scheduled cleaning of your lenses is extremely important for the health of your eyes. If you are using contact lenses you should know the cleaning and washing directions:
1. Daily-wear lenses should be disposed off after a use of 24 hours. Daily-wear lenses can be worn for one time only.
2. Extended-wear lenses should be cleansed regularly according to the schedule provided by your opticians with the recommended washer.
3. Use saline solutions made commercially to wash the contact lenses. Home made solutions should be strictly avoided.
4. if your contact lens washer becomes contaminated or loses its color, throw it away and get a fresh one.

Contact Lens Washer
Information: Contact Lens Washer uses slight vibrations to allow the contact lens solution to wash off protein particles, dust and germs off the lenses. It is cleaner and more more hygienic than washing it with your bare fingers.

Contact Lens Washer
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