Contact Lens Solution

Contact lenses are to be worn with utmost care and maintenance, as these are very devices that could be very sensitive to your eyes, and any kind of mishandling with them, could result in damage to your eyes. To maintain a contact there are basically three procedures for which there are three solutions provided. The procedures are cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting. Cleaning is the process when you removes smudges or protein buildups from the lenses, after which you rinse your lens in a different solution, and finally you disinfect the lenses in case of any potential germs, stuck in it.

For cleaning purposes, saline solutions are used, where the lens is quickly dipped in the solution and all dust or buildup is removed, but this can be done when  there is an emergency of removing the dirt, otherwise the daily cleaner solution is perfect for cleaning the lenses. There is also a multipurpose solution that offers all the process of cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting, and finally giving the ability to store the lenses. These multipurpose solutions replace the need for individual solutions. Generally you will get all the solutions with the contact lens when you buy them and later if you need then free contact lens solution simply buy the solution of the branded company you got the lens from. Do not divert to any unknown product or anything new, as, you may not know, how it may harm the eyes.

There may be different solutions, different products for all these three  processes, and there is no one better than the doctor to prescribe you the correct one, as by yourself, you might just not be able to get your hands on the right one. Use contact lenses and you are sure to enjoy its benefits.


Contact Lens Clean your lenses overnight in sufficient cleaning solution to completely cover the lenses. Rinse lenses thoroughly with normal saline before inserting. Contact LensesContact lenses over night can’t be cleaned in time. The dust and dirty things in the air accumulate on them and may cause conjunctivitis. It’s better to put contact lens into care solution. Contact-Lens SolutionSix months after the California Supreme Court lowered standing requirements for consumer class actions, a state trial judge has certified a class of consumers who bought contact lens solution linked to an infection that can cause.

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