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Contact lenses- An Overview

Contact lenses are small glass discs which are mainly used to correct the short sightedness and eye sight problems. Contact lenses are replacing eyeglasses largely all over the world due to the comfort factor they have brought in to correct the eye sight problems. People all over the world now prefer contact lenses over eye glasses as it provide assistance to them to correct their vision problems while at the same time these small-sized discs are so comfortable to adjust with. The wide varieties of contact lenses have made us able to choose the one which suits our lifestyle the best. Contact lenses are made to place directly on the eye cornea where it floats on thin layer of tears. The newer contact lenses are thinner, softer, and easier to be placed on the eye cornea.
Apart from medical uses, contact lenses are also being used to enhance the eye color and sometimes for decorative purposes as well.

contact lens no prescription neededContact lenses for medical purposes
Contact lenses are used to correct the vision problems due to short sightedness or the ‘refractive errors’ of eyes.
Shortsightedness is a medical condition in which the patient suffers with poor vision. The patient is not able to see clearly and images appear blur to him. Shortsightedness can occur due to the refractive errors of eyes or due to other medical faults in the eye (such as cataracts).The refractive errors of the eye results in nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Nearsightedness (also called myopia) is a condition in which the far off objects and images do not appear clear while the objects placed near could be seen clearly, while patients with Farsightedness (also called Hyperopia) face problems in seeing closely placed objects clearly. Farsightedness and Nearsightedness both can occur simultaneously too. Astigmatism is another kind of refractive error which occurs in aged persons. The patient loses the ability to focus on near or close objects.
Shortsightedness can also be caused due to cataracts.
These vision problems can be corrected by using contact lenses. Different ype of contact lenses are recommended for each of these medical problems.

contact lens no prescription requiredWhen a prescription is necessary
If you are using contact lenses for medical purposes, consultation with a doctor is essential. The doctor would suggest you a lens most appropriate for your eye problem. The doctor would also examine your eye cornea to get information about the size and diameter of the lens. It is essential for you to get your eyes examined every time you buy a lens so that the doctor could tell you the exact status of your medical problem. The doctor may suggest you a new prescription with lenses of a different power.
However, if you are using a contact lens only for decorative purposes or just want to sport colored lenses you need no new prescription if you have one already. The size of cornea and angles do not change with age and you need no prescription for colored contact lenses if you already have this information.

Halloween Contact Lenses
Halloween contact lenses may be fashionable but wearers can get serious eye infections and even go blind if correct cleaning and disinfection practices are not followed.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Contact Lenses
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Can You Buy A Contact Lens With No Prescription?
In most cases, places that sell contact lenses can’t sell a contact lens with no prescription. That may seem a little strange, especially if you want color contacts and have perfect eye sight.

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