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Contact lenses are glass discs which are most commonly used to correct the eye vision problems. Contact lenses are small and virtually invisible. Since its advent, contact lenses have largely replaced eyeglasses because of their convenience and adaptability to active lifestyles. Many people prefer contact lenses to eyeglasses as contact lenses help them boost their self-worth. Contrary to eyeglasses, contact lenses are not visible and hence help you correct your eye sight with convenience.
Contact lenses are here for quite some time now and with ever-improving technology contact lenses have now come in large varieties and various different types. This article entails information on these different types and draws a comparison of their prices.

Types of Contact lenses
The two main types of contact lenses are:
Soft Contact lenses
Hard, gas-permeable contact lenses

Soft Contact lenses
Soft contact lenses are thin, gel-like contact lenses. These contact lenses are especially suitable for those who have a very contact lens compare pricesactive lifestyle as these contact lenses are easy to put on and they instantly take the shape of your eye cornea. Soft contact lenses are gas permeable and allow oxygen to permeate through your lens. Soft contact lenses are more benign to the eyes. Soft contact lenses also provide UV protection to your eyes.

Hard, gas-permeable contact lenses
As the name suggest, hard, gas-permeable contact lenses are hard and are usually made of glass or polymer. These lenses allow more air to pass through the lens than the soft lenses and hence allow the lens to breathe better. When compared to soft lenses, these lenses retain the shape of the eye cornea for longer period of time and also provide better vision for certain type of eye vision problems.

Both soft and hard contact lenses are further classified as daily-wear and extended-wear

Comparison of prices
When we compare contact lens prices, hard contact lenses top the list of least expensive lenses. Soft contact lenses are more expensive than hard ones. The daily-wear lenses cost less than the extended-wear contact lenses. In fact, extended-wear lenses are much more spendy than the disposable ones. If you go for extended-wear soft contact lenses then you will have to spend even bigger amount.

Halloween contact lenses
Halloween is approaching which means you will want to look the part, look no further there are some great Halloween contact lenses to complete your scary.

Contact Lenses Special
Bausch & Lomb Purevision Contact lenses for $129 3 months supply both eyes normal price is $202. No other discounts, health fund offers or contracts will apply.

Wild Eyes Contact Lenses for Halloween
Coloured Contact Lens Prices. Wild Eyes lenses from Ciba Vision retail at $81.95 per lens but can be bought at a discount for $57.95 per lens from reputable online optical retailers like AC Lens. A quick Google search will show many companies … Don’t wear them for extended periods, especially if eyes feel sore.

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