Colored Eye Contact Lenses

Contact lenses initially were plain and transparent, playing just the role of one that was supposed to provide enhanced vision. It was never thought of to have colored eye contact lenses too. But when world leading contact lens manufacturers developed colored eye contact lenses it hit the market by storm as it gave people a chance to change their monotone eye color into any type of color they wanted, and this added more beauty to the person.

There are two kinds of colored eye contact lenses; the opaque contact lenses and the light contact lenses, other than these two main categories, there are other colored contact lenses that sport fancy designs such as spirals, shapes, patterns, or there are some that give a totally horror look like that of a vampire, werewolf, etc. The opaque colored eye contact lenses are best for compare colored contact lens prices people who have dark eyes and who want to to completely change their eye color. On the other hand light contact lenses enhances your lens color and gives you a multi shaded look.

All colored eye contact lenses are disposable and are to be used only for a specified period after which they have to be thrown away. Other than that, some of the lens also have the ability to enhance your vision, or gives UV protection.There are also colored lenses which need no prescriptions, provided you have zero power vision problem. It is recommended that before you attempt to use any lens, try visiting an eye doctor to determine if your eyes are suitable to the lenses, as not all lenses fit for everyone.

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