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Twilight movie was never expected to become a worldwide phenomenon but when released in 2008 the movie literally topped the charts. Robert Pattinson who played the role of the 17 –year old vampire became the ‘it’ actor of the new generation. Edward, the vampire who falls in love with a human, had the most beautiful eye color any vampire had ever, and every teenaged who watched Twilight fell in love with the amber-colored eyes of Edward. Robert Pattinson who portrayed Edward sported Amber Ambition contact lenses and since then the color is in huge, literally huge demand. Pick any teen website and you will find separate forums with members asking from where they can get cheap amber ambition contact lenses.

Contact lenses and the choice of colors
When it comes to sporting tinted contact lenses, the choice of color can make a real big difference. I have seen people wearing contact lenses in the most bizarre of the colors. Just think how far one can go in choosing a color for his contact lenses? The other day I saw a girl wearing purple-colored contact lenses to match with here so purple shirt. Now imagine the whole look!
Choosing a color for your contact lenses is one tricky thing. It can make you really sassy while at the same time a wrongly-picked color can make you ridiculous. So, our advice: Think twice before picking the color for your contact lens. While choosing a color you need to consider the complexion of your skin, your eye features, facial features – even your hair color and cut.
Greys and greens can are the colors for blonds while hazel, light brown, and baby blues can be sported by both the blonds and the brunettes.

special effects contact lensesIf your have wide eyes or dark black hair then don’t do much experimentation with the eye color. Try to pick the one closest to your natural eye color. Coming to our very own, hugely-demanded eye color the amber hues, it can be sported by both blondes and the brunettes – and even those who have a hair shade which is the darkest of the blacks.
Amber Ambition comes in honey color, the soft hues of amber, and in a little darker shades of the yellowish-brown.

Amber Ambition contact lens can be acquired online at the cheapest of the prices.

Where can I purchase the contact lenses used in “Twilight” Where can I purchase the contact lenses used in “Twilight” in the UK? They are called ‘Amber Ambition’? contact lenses uk. I crapper exclusive encounter them on online army stores, and the transport to the UK is $40.

best contact lenses – twilight amber eyes
amber ambition—clearly colors. clearly colors amber ambition contact lenses the fave. definitely gives your eyes a pop. a dramatic contact lens not for the faint of heart….but of all the lenses on this page, the most fun.

Clearly Colors (Comfort Curve)
These contact lenses will change your eye color and will create a totally new persona for you by choosing any of the seven colors like Grey Storm, Brown Bombshell, Aqua-tic Allure, Green Envy, Ble ‘n Brazen, Violet Venom and Amber.

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