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Many people have been writing into my blog asking about SiH-48 Contact Lenses. They all have more or less the same questions regarding this product. They mostly ask where you get them and then they always ask if these Contact Lenses are the same as the Biofinity Cotact Lenses.

Biofinity Aquaclear Contact Lenses

Most of the people writing to us say they had been prescribed SiH-48 Contact Lense by their ophthalmologist and it is not what they had asked for. they say that when they respond to this to their doctor, they are almost always met with the same answers. They are told that SiH-48 Contact Lenses are the same as Biofinity Contact Lenses and also Aquaclear Contact Lenses. The truth is that these contact lenses are sold under a number of private labels like:

  • SiH-48 Contact Lenses
  • Aquaclear Contact Lenses
  • iWear XR Supreme Contact lenses
  • Expert premium S Contact lenses
  • Vision Comfort Silikon Hydrogel Contact lenses
  • Eye Q 24 Contact lenses
  • Medivue Premier Contact lenses
  • Easy Vision Elite All Day All Night Contact lenses

These lenses are all made by Coopervision using trademark technology. The SiH-48 therefore is exactly the same. the “48” is for 48% water. The combination of the products used to manufacture these Contact Lenses areĀ  48% water and 52% comfilcon. the only reason why these “Biofinity Contact Lenses” are sold under different labels.

These lenses are some of the best on the market and are renown for being comfortable. they leave your eyes white and clear and your eyes don’t get as tired as with other contact lenses when wearing them all day long. the unique technology and materials used, allow oxygen to pass through the lense to the eye, leaving your eyes feeling fresher for longer.

Biofinity, Aquaclear, SiH-48, and many other names are sold packaged differently but they are the same product. So you can safely Buy SiH-48 Contact Lenses knowing they are the same quality.

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