Buy Proclear 1 Day Contacts Online

Buy Proclear 1 Day Contacts Online

Make the decision to Buy Proclear 1 Day Contact Lenses Online. Coopervision have a multitude of contact lenses that will suit your needs. It makes no difference whether you  buy them online or get them over the counter with a prescription from your ophthalmologist. You may be able to get a better deal when you buy Proclear 1 day contacts online. The ease at wich you are able to shop and compare prices online is just so much easier.

Proclear 1 Day Contact lenses are made by using PC technology by CooperVision. This technology is used to create lenses that have molecules embedded in the material that are actually found in the human eye. This sounds impossible but it is in fact the truth. PC technology allows linking of hydrogel polymer with phosphorylcholine, which provides the perfect eyes moistening, and superior comfort even in the dry atmosphere and constant eyestrain. The molecules in the material attract moisture just like it would do naturally in your eye. It makes the lense naturally moist and therefore much more comfortable.

These contact lenses are not prone to lose moisture and it actively fights dehydration, It also limits the deposit of unwanted proteins and lipids on the surface of the lense. This results in a feeling of comfort throughout the day even when wearing for extended periods of time. Proclear 1 Day Contacts are meant to be worn for only one day as the name suggests, they are not to be re-used.

These lenses were created for people who normally suffer from scratchy eyes when wearing their contact lenses, the discomfort created a need for technology that would improve the dry feeling that some contact lenses wearers experience. Buy Proclear 1 Day Contact Lenses Online or get them from your ophthalmologist if you suffer from that dry scratchy feeling when you wear contact lenses. 1 Day Contact lenses are normally more comfortable to wear as they are only worn for one day and are not exposed to the continuous handling of monthly or permanent contact lenses.

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