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Earlier contactlenses were hard, bold and did not give colors that could match with the skin type of different people. But developments in color contact lenses from different companies have made the lenses now an accessory needed by all people.

Now in these few years, color contact lenses have evolved a lot, they have become soft, oxygen permeable, disposable colored lenses with colors as natural as you own real eye color.The colors are transparent which helps in creating a lovely, natural look. There are natural blues, hues, browns and greys which make the eye glow, shine and are not easy to detect as fake.
Companies have now created lenses with double purposes; serve as lenses that treat eye ailments, as well as giving beauty to the wearer’s eye by being naturally colored. Users now can finally throw away their glasses and wear color contact lcolour contact lensesens that saves them from loosing the natural charm.

The price range of the lenses differs from company to company. You may get cheap colored contact lenses which don’t serve multiple purposes or you can have expensive toric or sclera contact lenses that are both colored and serve the purpose of improving vision. The retail price for an ordinary color contact lens could be a mere $55 for three pairs of lens, where as for a toric or sclera one, it could range from $40 to $70 per pair. It is advised that before you go for prescription bases lenses, as a little carelessness may cause an eye infection. Enjoy beauty with care.

Contact Lenses Without Prescription
If you’re looking for contact lenses without a prescription, then you’re most likely looking for colored contact lenses so that you can change the color of your eyes.

Colored contact lenses
Now you don’t have to order those special designed contact lenses in order to freak about your buddies on Halloween or charm that man or woman in the pub. And they are cheap too and are said to last for a year (well, if not used daily)!

Colored Contact Lenses to Change Your Look
Have you ever considered changing your eye color? Do you want to try blue eyes, green/hazel eyes or even gray colored eyes? You can with colored contact lenses and it’s not that difficult of a thing to do.

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