Buy Black Full Eye Contacts Or Red Full Eye Contacts

Buy Black Full Eye Contacts Or Red Full Eye Contacts also known as Black Sclera contact lenses

We here at contactlenseofthought were talking about the most effective Costume Contact Lenses on the market. We all agree that many people these days wear Black Full Eye Contact Lenses Or Red Full Eye Contact Lenses, so we started asking our readers some questions regarding these contact lenses.

Most of them said they buy black or red full eye contacts or blind eye contacts when Halloween is approaching. Halloween Contact Lenses have become extremely popular among the youth when trick or treating. the reason for them buying these contact lenses are that they like the effect it has on the eyes. many of them say they have tried both black contact lenses and red contact lenses. The difference is in the way they affect your look. Most of them agree that Black full eye contact lenses give a zombie like affect, where the red full eye contact lense gives a more aggressive look associated with horror.

They are fun to wear and mostly scare unsuspecting friends. The initial shock displayed by scare victims is severe, until they realise that they are the victims of a prank. We had one reader who told us a story of how he scared his friend and how his friend attacked him out of fear. this is something you need to keep in mind when you are trying to inflict fear upon people, as they all react differently. Some run, some hide and some fight back…. this is also known as the fight or flight syndrome.

We came to the conclusion that it does not really matter whether you like the red or the black full eye contacts, both sets give more or less the same result when scaring people. So if you are thinking of getting them this Halloween, you are on the right track. be warned that you should only buy these lenses from reputable dealers as eye infections are common around Halloween. These lenses are bought from street vendors and are normally not prescription contact lenses. Color contact lenses without prescription can be dangerous for your eye health and you should always consult your eye doctor before wearing them.

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