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Over the years,there have been many companies that eveloped as advanced contact lens manufacturers, and today there are around four main leading companies that provide excellent contact lens infrastructure. These companies base their product on three critical issues, that is super comfort, excellent vision and last but not the least beauty. The major companies are Johnson & Johnson, Ciba Vision, Ocular Sciences and Bausch & Lomb. All these companies have made exceptional contact lenses that are now catering to the needs of millions of people worldwide, be it visionary needs or cosmetic, ranging from the US to the Asian countries, contact lenses are worn enthusaistically.

Johnson & Johnson is the oldest company and also  the most trusted. Serving people for decades, the company has lenses that deal with astigmatism, presbyopia and all eye conditions. The lenses of this company comes in the name of Acuvue Contact lenses. They are soft, comfortable and are used coloured contact lensesworld over, from New York to India, everywhere, the Acuvue Contact lens is the need of most people’s life. Then we have Ciba Vision, who’s product the Freshlook Color contacts has created a rage amongst all people who love to wear contact lenses for cosmetic purposes. Their unique color, shades and tints along with being colorful, the lenses also have the ability to provide vision enhancement to those who need it, thus serving multiple purposes.

Bausch & Lomb, Ocular Sciences are companies that focuses on visionary lenses, such as toric, bifocal, proclear contact lenses etc as all these are the needs of the majority of people who have been wearing spectacles for their whole lives. All these companies have come together to give the world revolutionary contact lenses, that would surely change the way we see!

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And third, you get to try the different brands to see which ones you like the most – since different contact lens manufacturers use slightly different materials and have different manufacturing processes.

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