Blind Eye Contacts

Blind eye contacts are white in color and are usually used in occasions like Halloween parties and scary theatre plays. When somebody wants to pursue a scary character like that of a mummy or a dead body, then these blind eye contacts are used. They cover up the entire sclera of the eye due to which the vision is blocked. You need a lot of courage to wear these lenses as you can’t see the things around you once you wear blind eye contacts. The opaqueness of these lenses can be a bit dangerous as it doesn’t allow you to se and creates a completely blind affect. It is recommended to get the best quality blind eye contacts so that your eyes don’t get harmed. There are special lens solutions for these contacts which are non-toxic and should be used quite often to moist the lenses.

White contact lenses or blind eye contacts are used to create zombie effect. Mostly these lenses are used by actors who want to pursue the characters of dead or zombies. They are not like regular contact lenses which are partially colored and cover the colored portion of the eyes only ( the iris). There is a small place left for the pupil to let you see things clearly. Blind eye contacts can be purchased from online stores. Since these lenses are a little risky to lose, it is preferred to get free trial contact lenses first before going for the actual order. There are many online stores that offer these lenses on quite low rates. It is recommended that good quality blind eye contacts should be purchased so that people with severe dry eyes can also wear such lenses.

As compare to scary contacts, blind eye contacts look scarier when worn with a Halloween costume of Dracula or some other scarier character. Since the blind contact lenses completely block your vision, it is recommended to wear only one lens at a time if you want to see things while performing at the same time. The white contacts can also be customized with different colors and styles. Many of the crazy eye contacts and freaky eye contacts are derived from these blind eye contacts. The customized special effect contact lenses even change color and some of the white contacts are specially designed for special lightning purposes on stage. Designs like flowers and patterns are implied on these white contacts which make them look even more attractive. You exotic eye contactsmay not be able to see yourself but when others will see you with these lenses, they would surely appreciate the way you look.

Unlike casual and daily wear contacts that come with corrective powers, blind eye contacts can’t be customized with power as the pupil is covered and pupil is the place from where you can see things. These lenses are quite affordable and can be purchased on discounted rates from online merchants. The names and contact numbers of online retailers are available on several websites. Theatres order the blind eye contact lenses as per required by the characters of the play.

Cosmetic Colored Contacts For a bolder statement, you could even get special effects contacts that will give you the zombie or blind eye look. These lenses will give the impression that your eyes have been covered with a solid white milky substance. buy eye contacts? I want golden colored eye contacts. Because I love twilight. I like my eye color soooo much but this contacts are just because of twilight. My parents don’t. … Contacts can be dangerous- i know someone who went blind in one ee when their contact got water in it. Do you really want to risk that because of twilight? Wearing of Contact Lenses So many of the wearers will find they have serious eye infections. The final consequence may be that you cannot wear contacts any more or your eyes will go blind. What a terrible thing it is!

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