Big Eye Contacts

Big Eye contacts, also known as circle contact lenses are used for making the eyes look big and attractive. The tradition of using large contact lenses started from Korea and Japan when the models and girls out there used them for promoting some products. Also you must have seen cartoons in which Japanese cartoons have big wide eyes that change the entire look of their face. The appearance of eyes changes with these big eye contact lenses since they tend to give a look of amine characters to the eyes.

Girls who like to dress up in Japanese costume and look like the Japanese ladies having wide and glowing eyes; go for these lenses. Such lenses are not common in US and its neighboring countries as the trend has recently been introduced in the East Asian countries. You can purchase these lenses online and get free trial contact lenses from Japanese stores. They pretty much give the look of Pitch black contact lenses as they also make the eyes look little wider and attractive.

full eye contact lensesBig eye contacts were introduced for the first time by Korean celebrities like Korean signers and Korean actresses. A Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang is famous for big eye contact lenses that gave the eyes a bright and brimming look. That look was used to advertise the concept of “pure hearted girl” behind wide eyes. That advertisement helped in promoting the big eye contact lenses. With the increasing popularity of these big eye contact lenses, the availability and sell of these lenses is also rising with the span of time. There are many companies that are selling them without the approval of concerned health authority and fake colored contact lenses can damage the eyes if bought from unauthorized dealers.

gothic contact lensesEyes are quite sensitive organs and almost everyone is gifted with a beautiful pair of eyes. It becomes our responsibility to take care of them and letting them in comfort. The doll-eye mania and the promotion of big eye contact lenses by Korean and Japanese dancers have given these lenses a new life. Teenage girls are running after these lenses. The main purpose of these lenses is to cover the entire iris along with a small part that lies outside the iris. It makes the eye look bigger. These fancy lenses may look beautiful to the eyes but poor quality lenses can even harm your eyes and cause eye infections and abnormalities. Proper eye care is required before trying these contacts. Lenses come with a solution and the toxicity of lens solution can cause harm to the entire eyeball. It is always recommended that you should consult an eye specialist before getting contact lenses applied to your beautiful eyes as the cure of eye problems is very difficult and expensive.

Big eye contact lenses are introduced as a fashion statement in East Asian countries. Girls and guys interested in trying these contacts can get these lenses online from authorized dealers with prescription so that using these lenses becomes a safe practice for you. Common and known Korean brands are GEO, Dueba, Bescon and Neo.

New Wide Eye Contact Lenses
Girls can now get the wide-eyed Japanese Anime look with these new wide-eye contact lenses.

What big eyes you have!
Well that is not what the eye dr. said. They had a horrible time getting the contacts in the first time. Her eyes are little, or so says the dr. I couldn’t decide between pics.

Big Eyes
Girls strolling Siam Square with “Big Eye” contacts — there are many — admit to minor irritations, such as discomfort and bloodshot eyes. But none confessed to swapping lenses with friends.

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