Best Contact Lenses For Severe Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are caused by several reasons out of which the most common is natural dry eye. People who produce comparatively less tears than normal are thought of having dry eyes. Some environmental reasons for dry eyes are working in over-heated work place or travelling to a sandy or dry place quite often without covering up the eye properly. If you are an extensive computer user then you are compelled to have dry eyes since you tend to blink less while being on the computer and this can cause dry eyes.

Everybody wishes to try contact lenses once or more than once in is lifetime. The best contact lenses for severe dry eyes are the ones that are soft and made from such a material that provides coolness and comfort to the eyes. The contact lenses that are made from 70% of water are prone to give you dry eyes since the water from it will evaporate as the day goes and the lens will need your tears to stay comfortable in the eye. While choosing the best contact lenses for your severe dry eyes, make sure you check the water content of the lens. Water content should be contact lenses for dry eyesaverage in lenses like the one in silicon hydrogel lenses. New polymers material can help the people with dry eyes and let the contacts be comfortable for dry eyes.

There are many brands that are looking into the matter of manufacturing contact lenses for dry eyes. Acuvue Oasis is manufactured by Johnsons and Johnsons. It contains special polymer senofilcon and an agent, HydraClear Plus that makes the eyes feel moist even if the eyes are not able to produce enough tears. They are designed for daily wear and this special kind of contact lenses for severe dry eyes is meant to provide comfort for dry eyes. Although all types of contact lenses should be removed before going to bed.

best contact lenses for severe dry eyesProclear Compatibles are manufactured by Cooper vision and are rated as the best contact lenses for dry eyes. They contain a material PC ( Phosphorylcholine) which is already present in a human body and this helps in making the eye feel that contacts are not artificial components. Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses are recommended by doctors as they contain no moisture at all. All moisture comes from human tears. The worst case scenario is that the lens is rigid and can cause a lot of irritation.

Contact lenses are used as a daily wear and contact lens carrying cases should be kept handy whenever you go out wearing colored or transparent contact lenses. Your case should always have contact lens solution in it so that you can moist your lenses with its help as required. Before purchasing any of the types of contact lenses for dry eyes, you should order free trial contact lenses and you can even purchase them online. This will help you understand the mechanism of contact lenses and you can change these lenses as per your requirement.

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The most crucial complications of laser vision modification contain under alteration and over adjustment, boosted optical aberrations in low light, dry eyes, infection, flap complications, ectasia, and reduce in best corrected vision. … Glasses and contact lenses progress vision by helping the eye to concentrate the incoming light rays. They deduct concentrating voltage from nearsighted eyes and add concentrating electrical energy to farsighted eyes.

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Many people begin to notice dry eye symptoms after age 40. Gender. Women are more likely to have dry eyes than men due to hormonal changes that accompany menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. Contact lens wear.

In cases of some body inflammation, namely Rheumatoid arthritis, patient’s own immune system attacks his lacrimal gland, causing severe dry eye. Systemic drugs like antidepressants, antihypertensives, antihistaminics, anticholinergics, antipsychotics, … The use of contact lenses and the LASIK surgery for removal of glasses has further swelled the incidence of dry eyes. Even topically applied drugs which most often have preservatives, can cause dryness of eyes.

Contact Lenses Causing Dry Eyes?
Again, talk to your optometrist if you are unsure about which solution will work best for your specific brand of contact lenses. By understanding what is triggering the dryness in your eyes.

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