Are Biofinity and Aquaclear Contact Lenses the same?

Are Aquaclear and Biofinity Contact lenses the same?

Many people by Biofinity Contact Lenses exclusively as they believe that these are one of a kind and they stick with their brand. Rumours have been going around that Aquaclear Contact Lenses are exactly the same as Biofinity contact lenses. The truth is that people also say that SIH-48 contact lenses are also the same… So which is and which is not the same?

Biofinity Aquaclear Contact Lenses

When we look at the make up of these contact lenses we find that the are all made up of  52% comfilcon A and 48 % water. So are Biofinity and Aquaclear contact lense the same? The short answer to this is YES< THEY ARE THE SAME! Biofinity Contact Lenses are marketed and retailed under private labels Aquaclear and SIH-48. So when you buy Aquaclear, Biofinity and SIH-48 contact lenses you are the same thing only in different packages.

Coopervision’s patented Aquaform TM technology is used to manufacture Biofinity Contact Lenses. The relationship between oxygen and water is optimised by using this technology, resulting in more flexibility which in turns result in a softer contact lense. More oxygen is allowed t o flow through the Biofinity Contact Lense as the combination of breathability, moisture and flexibility makes this possible. It is not often that one can wear Contact lenses all day without some levels of discomfort, but these Biofinity Contact Lense leaves your eyes whiter, clearer and feeling less tired after a long days wear.

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