Aqua Clear 100 Contact Lens

My Eyeglasses Woes
My family has this in genes probably. My elder sister got an eye sight problem while she was in college. My brother found out while he was in university that his eye sight is also weakening day by day (although mom accused his over-using of computer for this but I still believe it’s something to do with the family) and lastly it came to me. Sadly, I started suffering with it quite earlier than my other sibling did. I was in 6 when I started sitting in front seats of the class more often and when I felt the need to sit closer to the TV. So, I had to wear eyeglasses to correct the problem. Initially I didn’t really mind to wear them but soon my eyeglasses woes started raising their heads. With every passing day I started hating wearing them more. Not because they look ‘uncool’ or that I look a nerd with them but because they really started causing me some serious problems. First of all, the nose bed was really bothersome and it even made dark spots on my nose. Secondly, I could never play comfortably while wearing these eyeglasses as I always felt if I run they would fall. Thirdly, I obviously could not wear them on parties and that was ‘the’ major problem…
….But that’s history now
Thanks to Aqua Clear 100 contact lenses
Thanks to Aqua Clear 100 lenses that my life is a lot easier than it used to be with my big, dorky eyeglasses. Not only that they are light weight but are also extremely comfortable to wear. I can go to parties now with the utmost confidence, I can play any sport without any fear, and above all my self-image has improved a lot.

aqua clear contact lensesAdmit it, lenses help to increase the improve your self-worth
Stronger boost in confidence, increased self-esteems, and improved self-worth are some of the added benefits of wearing contact lenses instead of eyeglasses. Lenses bring too many advantages beyond correction of eye vision. For instance: they are more comfortable than eyeglasses. They are more convenient and with a wide variety available you can use the one which suits your lifestyle the best.
Moreover, they improve your self-perception. Teenagers, specially girls, become very conscious about their looks and personality. Eyeglasses often make them a victim of social and psychological distress. A study has shown that switching from eyeglasses to contact lenses helped teenaged girls to boost their esteem.

Extended Wear Contacts
Air Optix Night and Day Aqua, 30 day continuous wear soft contact lenses are now new and improved and are even more comfortable. … The cornea must remain an avascular tissue (no blood vessels in the cornea) to maintain its crystal clear integrity. Cornea cells are supplied oxygen from the air and from the oxygen in the tears of the eyes-not from blood vessels.

Contact lens for trendy sense
Nudy Lens. CH 621 (purple), CH 623 (green) and CH 932 (aqua) are only available in Plano (0.00 degrees)! Nudy Lens …. If I have prescribed contact lenses already, can I get normal circle lenses and wear my clear contacts on top or below them? No, but we do offer prescriptions for many of our contacts.

Choose Color Contact Lens
Unlike clear contact lens, colored lenses can change your look completely in seconds (which explains its HUGE popularity all over the world!) I personally *love* them and my favorite ones are Freshlook Colorblends, Geo Angel and Tri-Color Lenses. … bright colors like violet or aqua would be perfect. These colors also tend to stand out more on those with darker skin tones.

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