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Contact lenses came into fashion years ago when the actresses of 1960’s and 1970’s started wearing them in movies and parties. People got attracted to these lenses and started ordering free trial contacts. Contacts are the best alternative for glasses. People who suffer short sightedness or long sightedness, have to keep wearing glasses during entire time they are working. Contact lenses of different colors and transparent contacts have replaced the power glasses to a great extent. It is always recommended to consult an eye specialist before purchasing contact lenses for yourself since your eyes may be sensitive and prone to eye infections due to these contacts.

One of the most famous types of contact lenses is all black contact lenses. I remember the time when we used to dress up for Halloween and every year it was so difficult to decide which character to dress up in look like it. An idea struck in my mind and that was to cover my eyes completely with black color to make people scared. I came across all black contact lenses which gave my eyes a spooky and different look and I was not looking what I am in real. There are different qualities of all black color contact lenses you can choose from. There are mate and glossy lenses which you can distinguish between. The mate lenses give a scarier look whereas the glossy lenses will give rather soft look and you can even wear these in parties if it goes well with your costume.

fake colored contact lensAll black contact lenses cover up the entire iris of the eye and since the pupil is usually black so it gives a look of a large pupil altogether. All black contact lenses come in two denominations. One that can cover up the entire iris along with the pupil and that will actually block the vision whereas the other type makes the pupil available for corrected vision. All black contact lenses are usually meant for decorative purposes like costume compatible or for Halloween parties etc. The brand of these contact lenses should be selected in such a way that they don’t cost you much and you don’t fall into the trap of contacts eye infection.

If you want to stand out in the crowd and want your eyes to look different and phenomenal anywhere then getting all black contact lenses is the best option for you. Some of the crazy contact lenses are black in color along with some little design on them. Such lenses are noticeable from a large distance and you can be pointed out by your friends easily. All black lenses like Sclera black contact lenses and Pitch black contact lenses can also be purchased from genuine dealers and you really don’t need any prescription for them but it is always better to consult an eye doctor. Sclera black contacts are meant for the purpose of decoration only. By wearing all black contact lenses, you will feel yourself as unique, different and the person who is daring enough to adopt something that usually people don’t like.

Ciba Vision soft contact lenses review
I have been using contact lenses for so many years that I am considered a veteran and an expert – and when young people ask my advice about contact lenses, I usually recommend Focus monthly disposable to them.

Contact Lenses
Contact lens Contact lenses are great for sight, but do they have an impact fef on general eye health? A new study explores the biological changes in the eye that may occur while wearing contacts.

Tear research focused on contact
Contact lenses are great for sight, but do they have an impact on general eye health? Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Optometry are working to answer that question by analyzing tears.

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